About Us

Where did the name bu come from? 

The locals call it the bu, and people who have stayed and experienced Malibu, call it the bu. Malibu has an energy, a different pace. The people range from homeless to billionaires, but something in the energy makes everyone a little happier being here.The laid back beach vibe, also allows you, to be you! or b ü. So  products let you enjoy doing whatever you want to do, knowing you’ll be protected, so you can go out and be you! because who else can you be?

What is bu? What about the two dots- the umlaut- over the ü? Everyone has a “bu” in their world? We have a license plate that says, ILOVEBU. A woman stopped us and told us she calls your daughter bu and sent a photo of our plate to her daughter and said ILOVEBU “2”. We know people who call their loved ones bu or pets, bu. For us, bu is about how we want to live our lives and care about the things that are important to us; people, planet and profit (with profit, you can help even more, constructive capitalism), so be you.

The umlaut “ü” looked like a “happy face” to me and “bü” makes me smile when I see it.

We make sun protection products that people love to wear. They are safe, effective, environmentally aware, ethically manufactured (solar powered- using the power of the sun to protect against the sun) sunscreen products and light weight, soft, UV apparel that protects you and your entire family. Enjoy being you, outdoors, knowing you’re protected!

Josie Kletter
CEO / Co-Founder


Jeff Kletter
Chairman / Co-founder


Chester Hoang


Will Johnson