Q: Is it Chemical Free? Natural? Organic?

A: There is NO such thing as Chemical free sunscreen, other than MUD-Sunscreen ingredients are regulated and are broken down into two groups: “Organic” ingredients- chemical- that tend to absorb UV light; and “Inorganic” ingredients- minerals (zinc oxide & titanium dioxide), which reflect UV light. Inorganic minerals zinc oxide are often marketed as “natural, organic or chemical free” but to micronize or nanosize these minerals requires a chemical process, as they don’t come in nature 50,000 to 100,000 times smaller so they can be added to a cream or powder. bu makes a Organic (chemical) and Inorganic (mineral) sunscreens and totally chemical free UV clothing.

bu performance sunscreen sprays are chemical screens, that are safe & effective, using broad spectrum ingredients and limited inactive ingedients.

Q: Does it really work? It seems so light?

A: bu has been formulated by the founders who have a reputation for making the “best in class” sun protection formulations for over 22+ years. The formulas are tried and tested by dermatologists, professional, olympic athletes, and most importantly, Kids, who are sensitive and finicky about putting anything on them.

Q: It seems expensive compared to drug store brands?

A: bu is great value. Don’t let the ergonomic bottle shape fool you, there are approximately 500 sprays in each 3.3oz bottle. It takes approximately 25 sprays to cover an average body. In one bottle you are getting 20 applications. Compare that to a similar cream-based 3.3oz product. Dermatologists recommend that you apply 1oz of sunscreen cream per application, and you should reapply all sunscreens after excessive sweating, swimming and toweling. bu goes a long way when used as directed.

Q: Can it be used on children?

A: Yes, bu sunscreens can be used on anyone 6 months or older. Doctors recommend that children under 6 months be kept out of direct sunlight; particularly between the hours of 10am and 3pm. Sunscreen should be applied generously and regularly, regardless of the brand. The bu Kids packaged product is Fragrance Free, the other fragranced bu sunscreens use natural essences.

Q: Can this sunscreen be used with DEET insect repellents?

A: Yes, but be aware that DEET can reduce the effective protection time of any sunscreen. There are no ingredients in bu that will react negatively with DEET; however, the sunscreen must be re-applied more often to maintain its effectiveness.

Q: Will the natural scents attract mosquitoes?

A: No. Mosquitoes are mostly attracted to humans by their body heat and the carbon dioxide exhaled in their breath, not by any  scent they are wearing.

Q: How do I know if I am allergic to this product?

A: bu products are dermatology tested to be hypo-allergenic, non-comedogenic (wont’ block pores) but People can perform a “patch test” to check for an allergic reaction. Spray a small amount of sunscreen on the inside of a wrist. Monitor the area for 20 minutes. If no redness or irritation occurs, the product can generally be used without concern. bu sunscreens were formulated especially for sensitive skin users but a very small percentage of the population may not be able to use bu products. Please check any concerns with your doctor before using.

Q: Can I apply this sunscreen under or over my makeup?

A: Over & under, simply apply the sunscreen and let it dry completely. To do it under your makeup, apply the sunscreen, then let dry for 5 mins, now apply your makeup as you would normally. Or, apply make up and when completed, mist on bu, make sure to close and cover eyes. Wipe the excess sunscreen off the eyebrows with a towel or tissue and eye lashes, then open your eyes.

Q: Is it strong enough to be a sports formula or is it better for more relaxed activities like camping, while at the park or just reading a book by the pool?

A: Yes! bu sunscreen formulations have been tested in the most extreme conditions, with elite athletes and will work in the toughest situations, it is also perfect for more casual uses. It goes on fast and easy, protects and feels great on your skin, regardless of the activity.

Q: It seems to go on wet and oily?

A: A light sweeping mist is all that is needed. It will look “wet” or “oily” for 2-5 minutes (everyone is different and some may apply too much) as it dries; however, it contains No additional oils. The sunscreen will have completely disappeared as the base adheres and evaporates. Rubbing will not decrease the effectiveness, may reduce the drying time and help spread the sunscreen evenly.

Q: Why is Dimethicone use in so many sunscreens?

A: Dimethicone is a type of silicone, one of the most widely used in cosmetics, haircare and skincare. Dimethicone helps create improved texture in skincare, helping products to glide across the skin. It also helps to fill in pores or fine lines. Ultimately it’s a personal choice – bü sunscreen do not contain dimethicone..