An age old story; Over Twenty five years ago physician directs executive change life, due to 10 years of excess in the Liquor industry, hires personal trainer, (gets very personal) falls in love, start business and life together.

Josie, 26+ years in the skin care (sunscreen) business, starting at Estee Lauder and Jeff, close behind with 22+ years in the sunscreen business, co-founded and launched KINeSYS in 1994, a line of “sport” skin and sun care products, that were sold internationally. After the sale of the business in early 2014, brief consulting until mid 2015, we focused on our family (3 children, and a dog) and aging parents.

We decided to build a new line, with a brand name that reflected our belief in life- be you! bu sunscreen and bu uv apparel launched in June, 2017. bü with the umlaut worked, as it looked happy :). The goal was to make sun protection that people love to wear.


Inspired by this magical place, Malibu (the bu), Jeff & Josie ended up spending even more time outdoors. Although Malibu is known for celebrities who live and play here, amazing beach homes, it has quite a rural/small town feel, organic and mindful. People who care and what to make a difference for the good. Malibu – where we could research, fit, design and iterate bü sunscreen and bü UV apparel products. Malibu offers the perfect challenge: sun, sand, surf, skin on a daily basis.

To us, all UV apparel was the same, thick, almost plastic feeling materials, rash-guards. A friend and former sales rep, Ben, found something better; soft UV apparel that was very light weight, tested well over an UPF 50+. The garments could go from seaside to sidewalk, from beach to boardroom and from museum to mountaintop – clothing that looks polished but moves with you at every step and protects you from UV radiation was the goal for bü UV apparel line.

As bu sunscreen and UV apparel were developed and conceptualized in Malibu, we looked for indigenous ingredients to add to the bu sunscreen; sea kelp? sea weed? then found, a powerful Chumash Native Americans ingredient that grows wild in Malibu, White Sage. Sage oil is believed to be beneficial for skin abrasions, irritations and infections, working as an antiseptic, antiviral and antibacterial. Most pleasing of all is the “fresh” clean scent of sage. bu sunscreen has a fragrance free product, a natural citrus scented product and all SPF 30 provide (96.7% UV protection) and SPF 50 provides (98% UV protection). All produced using Solar Power, in recyclable containers.

bu sunscreen and UV apparel will help you enjoy the outdoors and keep you protected so you don’t have to worry about sunburn by providing the best UV protective products on the market.