Does UV clothing work?FAQ: Does UV clothing work?

In fact, UV clothing does work, but to maximize its effectiveness, it’s best to wear it as it was intended. The design and manufacture of UV clothing takes advantage of the latest technologies to protect the wearer from harmful sun exposure. When one is exposed to an unhealthy amount of ultraviolet (UV) rays, it can cause skin irritations, rashes, and skin cancer.

Many people do not realize that skin cancer can be fatal. At bu we designed our UV clothing to protect every member of the family; from seniors to kids. Sun exposure in moderation is healthy, as is enjoying outdoor activities. UV clothing makes it possible to enjoy the great outdoors while minimizing the risk of harmful side effects from UV exposure.

Would you like to know more about UV clothing? Below are answers to common questions we are asked by consumers about UV clothing.

What is considered UV clothing? UV rays are generated by the sun. When someone receives too much UV exposure, they can develop severe skin conditions. Wearing UV protective clothing can block UV rays. The UV clothing we offer at bu is comfortable, attractive, and effective at protecting the wearer from harmful exposure to the sun.

Is all UV clothing equally effective? As with sunscreens that use a rating system based on its effectiveness, UV clothing using a similar method known as the Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF). The higher the UPF rating, the more protective the garment. At bu we offer a range of UPF strength clothing, including garments with the maximum possible protection of 50+.

How does UV clothing work? Bu designs UV clothing with a higher fiber density and structure than standard clothing. This reduces the amount of UV rays that can penetrate the clothing and reach the skin. In addition, our clothing is comfortable and available in many styles and a selection of colors. Men, women, and children can wear attractive bu UV clothing with confidence.

Do I need sunscreen if I’m wearing UV clothing? Because clothing doesn’t normally cover all of a person’s face and skin, we recommend complementing our protective clothing with sunscreen. bu offers a line of natural and highly effective sunscreen products that can help you and your family stay safe while enjoying the beautiful outdoors. While wearing our UV clothing apparel, you may not need any sunscreen in the areas of your body covered by the garment. However, some people who are especially sensitive to the sun, or who are suffering from certain medical disorders, may require the added protection of sunscreen.

Does UV clothing work? Here at bu, we often hear the question from customers, “Does UV clothing work?” The standard clothing we put on our bodies every day can offer some degree of skin protection simply because it is a small barrier between us and the harmful rays of the sun, however, does clothing made specifically to combat damaging sun rays really protect our skin? Here in the article below we have weighed in on the potential benefits of UV clothing by answering common questions most consumers have, before investing in this uniquely designed attire.

What makes UV clothing so protective? Sun-protective clothing is made in such a way that actually filters ultraviolet rays and is made with materials made to offer more protection than regular attire. UV protective clothing is rated just like the SPF level of sunscreen. The factors that contribute to how an article of UV protective clothing is rated is based on fiber density, clothing structure, and thread count. Some pieces may even be treated before hitting the shelves with an ingredient that is UV-inhibiting.

Does this mean I don’t have to wear sunscreen? Wearing UV protective clothes does not mean you never have to apply sunscreen to your skin ever again. However, it can offer an additional benefit if you wear a sun-protective shirt and apply an SPF together. Perspiring heavily, engaging in water-related activities and not thoroughly applying sunscreen can cause sunscreen products to lose a large amount of effectiveness in protecting your skin. If you wear UV clothing, it can also help during these instances where SPF may fail.

What is recommended for those who participate in outdoor sports? For people who like to engage in outdoor sports, such as biking, running or even golfing, can benefit from putting on articles of UV protective clothing. For golfers specifically, shirts with UV protected sleeves may help reduce skin redness in these areas. Of course, applying sunscreen to those exposed areas of skin is still necessary.

What are the benefits of UV clothing over sunscreen? One great thing about investing in and utilizing sun-protective clothing is that you do not have to remember to reapply. One of the struggles with sunscreen can be reapplying after so many hours, swimming in water, or sweating. Most of us can simply forget to bring it with us for the day or are having a good time and forget to apply another layer. By wearing UV clothing, it is always there and offering a defense as long as it stays on your body. No re-application needed.

Can hats be made to offer UV protection? Yes, there are some hats on the market that can offer a degree of sun protection. Hats that are designed with larger brims can provide an increased protection to sensitive areas like the shoulders, back of neck, and ears. Our ears are often forgotten about during sunscreen applications. By simply putting on a hat manufactured with a high level of SPF protection can help keep your ears from being burnt red at the end of the day.

At bu we welcome your questions as we want you to feel confident in using our UV clothing and sunscreen products to protect you and your loved ones from the sun. Contact us today to find out more answers to questions like, “Does UV clothing work?