Sun Protective Clothing

bu is proud to offer sun protective clothing that not only protects the skin against harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun, but is also attractive and fun to wear. Until recently, finding quality made clothes with sun protection has been challenging at best. Now, it’s as simple as placing an order on your smart-phone or other Internet-connected device through bu’s website and having SPF clothing delivered to your home or office. Fashionable, protective, and convenient– that’s bu’s sun protective clothing line!

Bu’s UV sun protective clothing offers you all this:

  • Ultimate protection from the sun’s UV rays with a UPF rating of more than 50, thanks to the cutting edge technology used to create our popular clothing line;
  • Lightweight, comfortable fabric that also wicks away moisture to help maintain your comfort level as you enjoy outdoor activities;
  • Stain shield technology;
  • Breathability;
  • Shrink resistant;
  • Antimicrobial; and
  • Innovative designs that are attractive and fun to wear.

Who Can Benefit from Sun Protective Clothing?

The short answer is, anyone who spends anytime outside during daylight hours. But really, many people can benefit who may not be aware that sun protective clothing is now available and affordable. Whether purchasing clothing for yourself or someone you care about, bu’s UV protection clothing can benefit almost anyone:

  • Kids. On areas of the body covered by sun protective clothing, there is no need for sunscreen. This can reduce the need for sunscreen. We offer kids’ short and long sleeved crewnecks, and long sleeve zipped hoodies, all in various colors.
  • Men. For active men, bu offers short and long sleeved crewnecks in a choice of colors. They are breathable, soft, and respond to movement without losing their elasticity.
  • Women. We offer women’s short and long sleeved crewnecks, V-necks, pullover hoodies, all in a choice of colors. bu also offers women a trendy hoodie dress in arctic grey.
  • Older people. As we age, the sun’s UV rays can be particularly damaging to our already sensitive and thinning membrane of skin. Unfortunately, this can limit the amount of time our aging relatives and friends can spend time with younger ones during outdoor activities. Help protect the older generation by outfitting them with comfortable and protective clothing from bu.
  • People with sensitive skin or skin ailments. For those with sensitive skin, or who are experiencing skin ailments, the sun’s UV rays can worsen their condition. Also, people who sunburn easily or develop sunburn blisters may find that covering their skin can reduce the likelihood of developing these issues. bu’s sun protective clothing provides a 50+ UPF which can make all the difference in preventing sunburn related conditions.
  • Those taking certain medications. A common issue with many medications is that they can cause serious side effects if the person is exposed to the sun’s UV rays. Talk to your doctor about how sun protective clothing may be of advantage to you while taking certain medications.

bu Sun Protective Clothing That Makes a Difference

Check out bu‘s ever expanding line of UV sun protective clothing and discover what it can do to enhance your lifestyle.