The Unknown Benefits of Sunscreen

SunscreenMost people usually don’t overthink their sunscreen selection. Instead, they simply go to an aisle at the grocery store and usually pick whatever sunscreen has the highest Sun Protection Factor (SPF) at the cheapest price. What people don’t realize is that picking the right sunscreen can have long-term effects. It can also make a difference in how your skin reacts to a sunburn. By understanding what makes sunscreen different, you can choose the best sunscreen for your needs.

bu sunscreen is dermatology tested. It’s important to us that people understand that finding the right sunscreen is essential to the health of one’s skin. Protecting you and your children’s skin from ultraviolet rays is a long term need that everyone should add to their daily routine. Using protective sunscreen can protect you from skin cancer, age spots, and wrinkles. Here are some tips for choosing the best sunscreen for you and your family members:

Selecting the Right Sunscreen

When picking the right sunscreen for your needs, it’s a good idea to pay attention to several criteria:

  • Consider the SPF level.
  • Consider the sunscreen’s ingredients and if they are toxic.
  • Consider the UV protection level.


SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor and it is a measurement that determines the ratio of UV rays against which your skin will be protected. SPF ranges from 5 SPF to 100 and more SPF, usually you will see 5 SPF in products such as chapstick or makeup foundation. A lot of dermatologists recommend that consumers purchase sunscreen that offers no higher than 50 SPF. This is because the focus should be more about a consistent application of the sunscreen. What protects you the best is being constantly coated with quality sunscreen.

Non-Harmful Ingredients

It is important that you take a close look at the ingredients contained in your sunscreen. You want to protect your skin from the harmful effects of chemicals. Many dermatologists recommended choosing a sunscreen that contains zinc and titanium. These elements can be effective in protecting your skin against UV rays and are not harmful. In fact, they are commonly found in broad-spectrum sunscreens.

Broad Spectrum

Broad Spectrum Sunscreen is a sunscreen that offers full protection against UVA rays and UVB rays. The sun puts out two types of two types of UV rays:

  • UVB rays, which have an immediate effect and can burn your skin.
  • UVA rays, which have a long term effect on your skin, and can cause wrinkles and sun spots.

bu Sunscreen: It Works

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